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Welcome to defined terms, a publication for in-house legal counsel.

If you’re an internal legal counsel and you’ve ever felt lonely or that your career development stopped once you moved in-house -- this publication might be for you.

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  • (Interviews) : We have a list of some ~30 in-house legal counsel from companies all over the world that are keen to outline their career paths and discuss how they go about excelling in their roles. We will release one interview per month to begin with, and hope to scale that up as time goes on.

  • (Guides) : Short guides on how to implement tools and systems to reduce avoidable errors and increase the productivity of your legal team. We will release one guide per month to begin with, and hope to scale that up as time goes on.

  • (Commentary) : Longer-reads discussing some of the challenges that come with working in-house and how legal counsel can tackle them. We will release these only when we feel we have something worthwhile to say.

  • (Resources) : Complementing the interviews, guides and commentary, we share example resources that subscribers can adapt to their own needs.

  • (Community) : Subscribers can join our invite-only community of other legal counsel.

Some people have asked, ‘hey - aren’t you all fancy rich lawyers? Why should we pay you for this stuff?’ and to those people we say:

  • ah, no. I think you’re thinking of investment bankers; and

  • we charge a nominal fee because we want you to read our stuff! And value it. If we gave it away for free, this would just be another email lost in your inbox. Hopefully by charging something small, subscribers will want to read our stuff and participate in the community. It also gives us a small pool of funds we can put towards generating better resources.

If the nominal fee seems too aggressive or stops you from subscribing you should contact us and we can figure something out.

What people are saying about defined terms


Right now the only subscribers are my family, who are not legal counsel, and the predominant sentiment they’re sharing is words to the effect of “… so what’s this newsletter thing all about then? …”

Testimonials to come.

About the author(s)

defined terms is owned and written by Bennett Green, a corporate lawyer in Perth, Western Australia. Bennett worked as in-house legal counsel for 5 years before returning to private practice, joining independent law firm Jackson McDonald in 2021.

This is the newsletter he wishes he had while he was working in-house.

If you would like to contribute to defined terms please reach out in the usual way.